After sitting over your desk for hours on end, you finally decide to prepare for bed. Your eyes slowly droop as you make your way to your bed. As you climb in, lie down, and prepare for the deep slumber you deserve, you hear your cell phone ding. You give in to your own curiosity. “It’ll only take one minute,” you think to yourself. But, that one simple text message somehow turned into a Words with Friends competition between you and your best friend. The cycle has started again.

According to one website’s study, 95% of people said technology before bed is a normal routine. In fact, these people said they surf the web, text, and watch television hours before their bedtime.

Although these distractions may seem like just distractions, the routine may hinder an individual from having a healthy sleep pattern, leading to a loss in both physical and mental well-being.

Here are a few graphics from a Mashable article with statistics based on our nightly tech obsession.

Getting in Bed with Gadgets

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